Deda Sahne Sistemleri Ltd. ┼×ti. continues being leader in the sector since 2002 with innovatory and entrepreneurial spirit and developing itself continuously for submitting services and structures developing with technology. About 20 years from now Deda has completed lots of turn-key projects including consultancy, design, engineering, manufacturing and installation of stage mechanic systems. Within the years the fast growing turned into stability and Deda became a respective and reliable company of the Stage Engineering Sector. Our company provides employments its technical and management today, and contributes to economy of country thanks to its capital growing day by day, equipment pool and talents. Deda Sahne made sizeable investments with its people oriented sense of responsibility and enterprising and dynamic structure that can assumes risks, and succeeded to upper places by standing out amongst huge organizations coming from everywhere of the world thanks to its superior successes. Deda Sahne strengthening its institutional structure with specialized manpower and targeting to grow by benefiting from abilities submitted by modern management understanding and contributing to the economy of country. Deda Sahne is taking firm steps forward to high targets with its international proven experience in stage mechanics, specialized staff and project management realized with teamwork, and technological abilities for purchasing materials in good quality from all over the world, timely and in proper cost and preparing bids to procuring materials.

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